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Marvel Musings #7: The Avengers

As I watch the Marvel movies in chronological order, I assume that anyone reading this has already seen the series as well. So yes, there will be spoilers.

avengers 1The beauty of these movies, for me, is that you can allow yourself to be totally swept away in the action, adventure and effects. Beautiful people fighting for truth, justice, and the American way, whatever that is. Almost none of my reflections, on seeing the movies again, is what I thought the first time I saw them.

Like plot holes. The opening to this movie is so vague as to almost be nonthreatening. Someone is talking about destroying Earth, but we really aren’t clear on who or why. All of a sudden the Avenger initiative is out of business, and Nick Fury is answering to The Council. Who the what, now? And, really, it took Hawkeye to tell them that if the Tesseract is a door, it can be opened from both ends?

At one point, Fury says the attack is from Loki but not from Aasgard. But how does he know that? And why¬†are these beings attacking Earth? Loki, a relatively new player, really has that much power, to launch an attack on a planet just on a whim? I understand that they want the Tesseract, but once Loki has it, why doesn’t he just jet off into the sunset? Surely an Earth scientist (Dr. Selvig, nice to see you again) isn’t the only being in existence who can figure out how to tap the Tesseract.

Nice to see Cobie Smulders from How I Met Your Mother fame. My first thought was, “Oh, it’s Robin!” And isn’t it lovely that everyone else is wearing a uniform, some of them with body armor, but she gets to walk around the bridge in a catsuit? Good thing those fellows shooting at her when the Tesseract is stolen are such bad shots! Maybe they learned marksmanship from Stormtroopers.

Speaking of wardrobe, last time we saw Pepper Potts she was in business suits and lovely, elegant dresses. Now she’s in a pair of Daisy Dukes smaller than most known underwear. I guess the writers assumed if she’s only onscreen for one short scene, she can’t possibly make an impact with her personality and/or intellect. Quick, for the love of the gods, man, get some skin showing!

I have to be fair now. Our first shot of Captain America is just as sexist. He’s boxing, and it’s a long, long shot of him from the back, just a man with an incredible ass punching a …well, I know he was punching something. I think.

From “Thor,” we all know Loki is twisted and cunning. In his first scene here, we learn that he’s gone from pain in the ass to full blown bad guy.

One minute of screen time for Mark Ruffalo and Bruce Banner is already more interesting that he was in the entire Hulk movie. Very grateful for this change in casting.

How does Robert Downey Junior just keep getting better looking?

When Iron Man and Thor are battling in the forest, is there a woman in the audience who isn’t rolling her eyes and thinking, “Just whip ’em out and measure them already.”

And why do we spend more than half of the movie with the Avengers fighting between themselves? There is no other way to bond? You can’t tell me Coulson didn’t have a plethora of team-building exercises up his sleeve.

We get some nice foreshadowing for the entire series of movies when Captain America tells Tony Stark, “You’re not the guy to make the sacrifice play.” Sure, it fits with the ending of this movie, but it also works on a much larger scale.

Favorite scene: When Loki declares “I am a GOD,” and the Hulk picks him up and smashes him side to side like a rag doll. “Puny god,” he says.

What was your favorite scene? Do you agree with my assessments? What did I get totally wrong?

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