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R is for Retirement

First up, full confession, I know that I’m behind in my blogs. This “R” blog should have posted on Friday, and “S” should have been yesterday. So…I won’t take this Sunday or next Sunday off, so I can still end with a “Z” post on the 30th along with everyone else participating.

Retirement. Show of hands, who is looking forward to it?

For a long time, retirement was something talked about and done by people older than I am. Much older. But now I have friends talking about retirement, and I know of some people younger than I who have retired. And folks, I’m not that old. I’m still in my early 50s, which I sometimes call my very late 40s or my excruciatingly late 30s when I’m feeling sassy.

For a large part of my adult like, I was a lucky enough to be a stay-at-home mom. Which begs the question, how does one retire from that?

And what does retirement even mean? It can’t just mean not working at a paid job any longer.  Many people who join the Armed Forces spend twenty or more years serving their country, retire, and start new careers. So they’re both retired and working, which confuses my brain semantically.

What does one does one do after one retires? Especially if you’re in your fifties and in reasonably good health? Is everyone on the planet a better money manager than I am? How much traveling do you want to do? How do you shape your days? How do you know when it’s the weekend?

Obviously, I think, I am a person who needs structure in their life. If I have nothing I “have” to get done, then nothing gets done. But I can’t imagine the rest of my life as a free-floating, responsibility-free flow of days with no demands on my time or attention.

Are y’all planning some really intensive hobbies? Is your To Be Read pile taller than your house? Have you spent years working in a field that you care so little about, you can walk away without caring and without a second thought? Are you going to learn new languages or take piano/guitar/tuba lessons? Are you driving your motor home across the country, visiting all the places you’ve always wanted to visit and tying up traffic in spectacular snarls? (I’m rooting for this one, because that’s my dream. Drive around the country and visit farmers markets in every state.)

If you don’t mind sharing, what are your retirement plans? Not the financial side, because that’s none of my business. But what will you do with all that time?


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