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Marvel Musings #3: Iron Man

Happily watching the Marvel movies in chronological order over here!

iron manHm, so many of us watched this and fell in love with Robert Downey Jr. all over again. Although watching it now, I find myself musing over how young RDJ looks in this movie.

So his character, Tony Stark, is an asshole. It really doesn’t matter if he’s brilliant or talented, he’s still a Grade-A asshole. Compelling, handsome, charming, infuriating, and still an asshole.

The opening shot of the movie is an Army convoy traveling through a middle eastern landscape. You can tell it’s middle eastern because there’s a man in a robe herding goats. (We writers call that showing, not telling.) There doesn’t even seem to be a village or a settlement nearby, but still, gotta have those goats to set the scene.

We meet Happy in this movie, but just barely. In fact, we get introduced to a lot of characters who will be back again later, but don’t get too attached to Terrence Howard as Rhodey–this is his only appearance in that role.

Having seen this movie more than once, I think it was mostly built on Downey’s charm and wisecracks. Even Pepper Potts hasn’t grown a spine yet. She manages Tony, but her interactions with him are almost more motherly than romantic. The exception is the balcony scene where they almost kiss. She cleans up his messes, manages his calendar, nags him to finish what he started. None of that says “love story” to me.

We get a glimpse of Coulson and Fury. Teasers, since we know they’ll be back.

Sometimes I feel like this movie is more about the evolution of the suit than it is about Tony Stark. The suit changes more than the character does.

How about those ratings?
1. Captain Marvel
2. Iron Man
3. Captain America

We all loved this movie when it first came out. But now that we’ve seen how much better it can get, do we still love it like we once did?

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