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Marvel Musings #8: Iron Man 3

iron man 3 firstTony Stark isn’t OG, he’s OA–Original Angst.

There’s a lot to love about this movie. Pepper saving Tony. Tony’s interaction with the young boy. Even Tony’s panic attacks and lack of ability to process what just happened to him in The Avengers.

These last features allow us to see Tony as human. We already knew he was flawed, but since he’s brilliant, handsome and richer than God, it’s hard to feel sorry for him. He can buy any toy he wants, and if said toy doesn’t exist, he can invent it. He’s brilliant and driven, and frequently takes the people around him for granted. Why are we going to be in his corner, rooting for him?

In this movie, Tony becomes more human. He learns that he does have to depend on others. Sure, the storyline has to hammer him over the head with it several times, but eventually he gets it. He becomes less of an asshole.

BUT…there’s one feature of this movie that defies suspension of disbelief. Tony’s home is like a giant carbuncle on the buttocks of the California coast. You can see it from space. It’s big and gaudy and no attempt has been made to hide it. He throws parties. He has, over the years, indiscriminately invited many, many, many women back to his home for an evening of frolic.

My point? Where Tony stark lives is no secret. Never has been. But until he announces his street address on national television, the bad guys can’t find him? Pretty poor villains, if you ask me. I can’t imagine them pacing about in their secret lairs, biting their nails and wailing “if only we knew where Stark lives!” Seriously. Probably less than 5 minutes of half-hearted Googling would show you where he lived.

Which means that, as an instrument to propel the plot forward, Tony announcing is address just doesn’t work.

Another interesting note, to me at least. The first time I watched this movie (in the theater), I rolled my eyes so hard at the sight of all those suits zooming around at the end that my eyeballs almost fell out. The second time around? They didn’t bother me. Maybe I saw it as a metaphor for all of Tony’s struggles to figure out who he, the one Iron Man, really was. Maybe I was just in a more forgiving mood.

What did you think about Iron Man 3?

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