Household Hints from Hell

A portal to hell opens inside your dishwasher. What do you do?

How do you remove stains left by primordial ooze from a hell dimension before it eats a hole in your carpet?

Guests coming over but you just can’t get rid of the stench of brimstone in the kitchen?

How does one paper-train a hellhound? And can his mouth be washed out with soap if he refuses to curb his foul, expletive-spewing ways?

If you’ve got questions about the day-to-day traumas associated with hellmouths, accidental portals, ichor and other foul bodily fluids, miscreant hellhounds or what to do with the unhuman body, Shelby can help. Through her own extensive trial and error, she’s seen it all. Or thinks she has.

Being half demon herself, Shelby X. brings a lifetime of experience to the advice-giving table. In addition, she has a business degree and extensive experience in running a small business, knows her way around teenagers (having successfully launched two into college), and can tell you which divorce support groups to avoid.

If some minion from hell has intruded in your life and you don’t know how to cope, ask Shelby! Household Hints from Hell are here to help!



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