About MB Partlow

MB Partlow’s sense of humor is usually  both irrepressible and inappropriate. If you need someone to spark a laugh at the least advantageous/most embarrassing moment, she’s your man. She writes because, like the urge to push during childbirth, it’s more painful to try to stop than to just go ahead and do it.

If you must have a definition, you may choose from: writer, reader, mother, wife, Girl Scout leader, co-conspirator, trouble maker, evil twin, Extreme Bargains Dancer, Bunko queen, bitch, chief cook and bottle washer, finder of lost objects, compulsive recipe collector, wearer of Crocs, devourer of salt and vinegar potato chips, did I mention writer, lover of cheese curd, subservient to cats, and hormonal queen of all she surveys.

Update Oct. 4, 2011: After two years as Moderator Coordinator at the annual Pikes Peak Writers Conference, I decided it was time for something new. This year I’m the coordinator of the PPW Fiction Writing Contest. MUCH bigger job, but so far a lot of fun. I’ll miss my Mod Squad,  though.

2 responses to “About MB Partlow

  1. Erin

    MB you are killin’me – I am thoroughly enjoying Partlow’s pool! I must admit Janet gave me the info – hadn’t gotten around to it – lost in the big pile of got to get to’s; but it was time well spent catching up with your blog – I signed off with a smile on my face and a definite lift in my spirits – and by the way do you really have a bitch hat?

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