Marvel Musings #9: Thor: The Dark World

Thor Dark World 1I feel as though the moral of every Thor movie is this: You can’t trust Loki.

You just can’t.

It doesn’t matter that he occasionally does the right thing. He could save your life at one moment, just to turn around and disembowel you the next. Hm, he’s a little like Ray Donovan that way. He might love you dearly, but it doesn’t mean he’s going to let you stand in the way of his own desires.

It doesn’t help matters that Loki gets most of the best lines, and that Tom Hiddleston plays the role to perfection, with a smirk and a smile.

This was a proper adventure film, with big effects and lots of buckles being swashed.

It was grand entertainment for an afternoon or evening, but none of the film stuck with me. I didn’t find myself thinking about scenes later, turning them over in my mind and finding deeper meaning.

One could argue that the fault lies with my mind, not the movie. And one would not be wrong. My mind is like a cellar, dank and dark, filled with spiders, smelling faintly of mildew and damp earth. With a Christmas tree standing in the corner.

What were your takeaways from Thors: The Dark World?

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