Marvel Musings #4: Iron Man 2

Follow me down the chronological road of Marvel movies!iron 2 poster

This one should be subtitled “The Iron Man Gets a Heart.” In fact, we were sort of beaten over the head with that point. And what’s with all the reaching into that gruesomely gooey cavity his flux capacitor lives in, powering his heart?

At least Pepper gets a spine, along with some goals that don’t revolve around Tony Stark. Okay, sure, they revolve around Stark Enterprises, but she’s no longer meekly following Tony around acting like a nagging nanny. Plus we finally get an awesome female character in Natalie/Natasha. Poor Happy got his ass kicked, but the rest of us sat up straight and said, “Who is that?” Let’s see, this movie came out in 2010, so it only took ten years for the marvelous minds at Marvel to follow up and allow her to have her own movie. At least, I hope “Black Widow” is still being released this year. The character has ass-kicking sisters (as do I), and one of my favorite actors (David Harbour, love him in Stranger Things) plays her father.

In case I haven’t reminded you lately, I came straight to the Marvel Movies without reading the comics that came before them. The odd comic crossed my path when I was younger, especially Thor for some reason, but I came into these movies as a blank slate. Some would say I’m still a blank slate.

Anyhoodles, what did you think of the villains in this movie? We’ve got Sam Rockwell playing Justin Hammer, who seems to be the singular reflection of Tony Stark’s nerdy and intellectual side. Tony if he got all greedy and morally bankrupt and didn’t go the gym. Then Hammer pairs up with Ivan Vanko, played by Mickey Rourke, who is all angry passion and violent energy. Tony’s id, perhaps?

Thoroughly enjoyable movie. Shout out to Don Cheadle, another of my favorite actors, taking over the role of Rhodey. Loved, loved, loved the two scenes with Garry Shandling as not so much a villain as a thorn in the side of democracy. And Tony Stark. The two are fabulously intertwined.

What did I miss? Did you love it? Hate it? Was it meh?

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