Marvel Musings #1: Captain America

For reasons beyond my own understanding, I decided to watch the Marvel movies in chronological order, instead of in release order.

Captain America

Even though I consider myself a fan of the Marvel movies, I had never seen Captain America. I’d seen bits and pieces, but never the whole thing.

First of all, kudos on the special effects. When the movie opens Steve Rogers is a short, scrawny little guy. I was all set to suspend disbelief for the transformation scene, although I did think stretching one’s bones to make them longer should be a lot more painful than his procedure seemed to be.

Nice appearance by Howard Stark, father of Tony, who will eventually become Iron Man.

Tommy Lee Jones played Tommy Lee Jones: Military version. I bought it.

The most interesting character, for me, was Agent Peggy Carter. What a dame! Fierce, confident, strong, smart, and funny. Everything you want a female lead to be. A bit sassy, but with no heavy-handed snark. Sassy and classy. A worthy opponent to her enemies, and a very worthy match for one Steve Rogers. No simpering about waiting for someone to rescue this woman!

I found the movie to be engaging, and I was glad I finally took the time to watch it. All-American hero beats up and defeats Hydra, an organization of Uber Nazis. Because that’s what you do with Nazis–beat them up, beat them down, run them out of town, and refuse for one second to tolerate their stupidity and obnoxious racism.

It’s also interesting to watch the development of Stark Industries over the course of these movies. I’m looking forward to seeing how characters evolve from when we first meet them. Although now that I’ve seen this movie, I’m not sure the character of Steve Rogers changes as much as some of the others.

What did you think of Captain America? How would the Marvel-verse be different today if the movies had started here instead of with Iron Man?

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