Review: Berserk

Along with fearless friends DeAnna Knippling and Shannon Lawrence, I am making my way through “Nightmare Magazine’s Top 100 Horror Books.”

Berserk by Tim Lebron has, for me, a very scifi feel to it.


The abilities of the berserkers came across to me as alien even before I knew they were created in a lab, not creatures of nature. They walked the line of some typical characteristics of vampires, but for some reason I could never make the leap that these creatures were the basis for vampire legends.

Much of the horror in the novel doesn’t come from the creatures. There’s the unending grief of one character for his son first, and then his wife. His life has lost meaning, until a strange, mostly dead girl gives him a reason to go on. The soldier is even more to be pitied, since there seems to be absolutely nothing giving his life meaning without the existence of the berserkers. Thus his choice at the end of the book.

It’s violent. How many ways can a human body be injured, shot, struck by a car, before it finally stops working? Apparently the amount of damage we can take is infinite, without a well-timed headshot.

Freakish, interesting, but not very scary to me.


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