No! More!

That’s right.

No more new books coming into this household. Not headed for my to-read piles.

Piles. Who am I kidding? I have an entire bookcase of to-be-read books, plus a pile in my office, a pile in my bedroom, and a smaller pile of books I just received for Christmas.

cookbooks 003

So. A moratorium on books. I will not buy new books, not even ebooks, until I have diminished the piles stacked around my house–and reviewed them.

Of course, this new rule excludes books that are given to me as gifts (Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and there’s a new Bujold out, for crying out loud), books that are lent to me, books written by my friends (admittedly, I have a very broad definition of friend), and books that I might purchase for other people. (You do know if I gift you a book, chances are good that I read it first, right?)

Any bets on how long I’ll last?

Or how long it will take me to make a significant dent in this collection?

How do YOU deal with an out-of-control reading pile?



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3 responses to “No! More!


  2. Donna Ross

    I have one bookcase for to-be-read books and one for read-and-will-be-read-again books (when I retire, and those will never be given away). I even have a reading list of books that I want to read, but don’t (or may not) have yet. I’ve alphabetized that list twice, by author and by title. Books on kindle get chosen alphabetically just so I don’t have to search. Books in cases: left to right. Books in stacks: top to bottom. And if I’m thinking properly, I may even cross them off the reading list so I don’t try and read them again!

  3. I deal with the overzealous to-be-read pile by buying more books, of course!

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