I Found a Time Machine!

Would anyone care to guess where it was lurking?

In my daughters’ high school. That’s right, District 11, there’s a time machine buried deep in Coronado High School.

It’s not hard to find at all.

Just go to the Music Department.

Today, the man who is paid by the district to instruct my children in the fine skill of instrumental music announced to his class, “If it was easy, women and children would do it.”

I shit you not. It’s two-thousand-and-goddamn-fourteen, and this older, white male thinks the calendar has leaped into reverse and we’ve all landed on an episode of Leave It To Beaver. Or perhaps the Donna Reed Show.

When some of the students responded with surprise at his statement, his response was that the expression was something a friend of his used.

Wally or the Beav? Or maybe it sounds more like Eddie Haskell.

It just happens that both of my daughters are in the Chamber Orchestra, a group one must audition to get into. So they both heard the statement. They were both surprised and somewhat offended by it.

Thing Two, the younger, thought of a retort but didn’t want to make it, because she didn’t want to get a referral and get sent to the office. I reassured her that for a statement like this, I would happily drop everything I was doing and show up at the school to defend her. And woe to any administrator who tells me that this sort of unmitigated bullshit is either harmless or acceptable.

I’ve sent a note to the teacher in question, so that he might explain himself. Very short and to the point, nothing rude or inflammatory.

But really? In this day and age, casual misogyny can go unremarked in a high school classroom? Not only is it disrespectful to every female in the room, but it sets an extremely bad example for every single student. “Hey, putting down women is funny! And it’s okay! Because it’s funny!”

It’s neither.


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2 responses to “I Found a Time Machine!

  1. That’s jaw dropping, right there. Riiiiight there.

  2. Kate Sheahan Crawford

    Wow. And, wow. That is so wrong. And it’s not isolated. At work, I come in contact with a wide cross section of men, young and old, who clearly have “views” about women.

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