X is for X-tremely personal questions

That’s right.

Say you had to apply a band-aid to some sensitive skin. The sort of skin that rarely sees light of day, much less adhesives. I’m not talking about the playground parts, but perhaps something in their vicinity. Think about it. I bet you’ve got plenty of sensitive spots you’ve never slapped a bandage onto. Pick one and think about it for just a moment.

So here’s the question. Would you apply the plainest, beige or clear bandage you could find? Or would you go all neon tie-dyed sparkle princess super hero?

You may assume that few people, if any, will see this bandage. Does that matter?

Your sensitive spot may or may not have hair follicles in the immediate vicinity. Are you going to rip that bandage off at the end of the day (these things need air, after all), or are you going to apply a warm compress or take a hot bath to soak it off? Or will you, as you are standing in an awkward position to even see the offending matter that needs bandaging, wonder why the heck you have hair growing there in first place? Did you even know you had hair there? Are you mildly surprised (or repulsed) to discover it? Are you blaming it on your age, certain that in the hot glow of youth you certainly didn’t have scraggly, wire bits growing in that particular spot.

Let us not even venture into the dark abyss that is called: skin tags.

For the sake of all that is good, we’ll assume the band-aid-wearing portion of the program didn’t last more than a day or two. Three at the most.

Now that you have an itchy, irritated red rash from the band-aid’s adhesive–because this is a spot that is not highly trafficked–how do you remove it? You can’t scrape it off with a fingernail. Soap and water in the shower is another nonstarter, unless you’re using a very stiff brush and don’t do that. This is sensitive skin, remember?

But you’ve got dark, dirty-looking band-aid scooge parentheses on your skin now. On the inflamed skin that you’ve irritated beyond the norm. This normally pallid, unremarkable flesh now looks like fire ants marched across it, clearing the way for some sort of nasty spider to bite you.

Keep in mind, this is not a part of your body where you’d want caustic chemicals of any sort. So put that bottle of nail polish remover right back where you got it. I know how you think. Nail polish remover can solve many untidy situations, but not this one.

And will you suffer this indignation in silence, or will you share it with the world?



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7 responses to “X is for X-tremely personal questions

  1. LOL! Playground parts!! Love that. I love my kiddos band aids…they make me look cool. 🙂

  2. There is no indication how this sensitive area got damaged in the first place. Was it accidental, heroic, sleazy, medical necessity? This is vital information especially in regard to the final questions: Will you suffer this indignation in silence, or will you share it with the world?

  3. Oh…so many more questions come to mind…. LOL

    • Nancy - Big Sister

      I know, I know, I know……how to get that dark sticky stuff left by the band aid…….Avon, Skin So Soft…..apply to a wash cloth and it WILL remove that sticky stuff……I know this for a fact……actually, it’ll remove tar from your feet too……..love you sis…..

  4. I like to wear kiddo bandaids, too. If I’m going to have to wear a bandaid, it might as well be stylin’. I hate bandaid spooge. It’s evil. The question is, did you get it off? 😉

  5. I almost never wear bandaids. I DETEST them. We enjoy buying interesting bandaids, though. We have some Elvis ones and Jesus ones. Why not make it interesting if you have to wear one?

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