P is for Pooped

I am at conference, and just as tired as can be.

But while meeting faculty, all coming in late because of the weather, I realized I needed a blog for today.

If I was at home, in easy reach of my recipe box, I’d post my dad’s recipe for pancakes and be done with it.

Or I’d ramble on about Partlows, and what a magnificent group of people we are. Bossy, opinionated, sassy and smart.

Perhaps I’d talk about pickles.

Or pets.

But I’m at conference and I’m pooped. I’ll find the time to write something a little more tomorrow. I hope.





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4 responses to “P is for Pooped

  1. I hope you got some sleep!

  2. Nancy - Big Sister

    Perfectly, Precious, Pickled, Pet Loving, Pooped Partlow……take care of yourself……have fun this weekend…..I’ll be thinking of you….Love you lots….Big Sis……

  3. Janet

    Maybe you could catch a cat nap?

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