C is for Children

But not mine. Not this time.

I was standing in line at JoAnn’s Fabrics, waiting to purchase a display board for Thing 2. I did a subtle double take when I saw the two people ahead of me in line.

I had plenty of time to observe them, since the only two cashiers were busy hearing the entire life stories of the people they were waiting on.

Why did I look twice? I think they fell into a time warp in the 1970s and emerged in JoAnn’s today. It was a mom about my age, but she sure was doing her darndest to look older. Her hair was done. Remember your mom having her hair done? Vaguely curly, sort of helmety, stood up a good 3 inches all the way around the head? Lots of hairspray involved.

I’m not one to cast aspersions on other people’s hair, since I rarely do more than comb my own (if that). But I am snarky, so aspersions I shall cast.

Mom was wearing a nice dark blue dress, with a floral print that had tiny lavender flowers and tiny sprigs of green leaves. Over the dress was a short sleeve cardigan in the same lavender. It had to have been bought as a set. There was nothing wrong with the dress, although it did have an “I’m ready for church” vibe about it.

And then there was the daughter. I’d say she had to be 13 or 14. In exactly the same outfit, right down to the black flats on her feet.

I’m trying to imagine how my daughters would react if I bought matching outfits for us. The idea boggles the mind. I would have to shoot them with a tranquilizer dart and wait for them to lose consciousness just to get the dress on them, and we all know I’m not making that kind of effort.

The woman was pleasant, but not very familiar with Colorado Springs. She was asking me for the closest mall, and when I gave her directions, wanted to be sure it had both a Hallmark store and a CJ Banks clothing store.

I made it a point to not let my surprise at the matching outfits show on my face, nor did I attempt to make eye contact with the daughter. She did not look happy, and I knew if I said “Holy Shit!” it would only make matters worse.

I do like to torture my children, and we do all share a love of Keds. But I can’t see asking them to dress like me. It’s going to drive me mad, wondering what the reasoning was behind that decision. And wondering why she chose a look for herself that aged her so.

So maybe C is for curiosity today.



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2 responses to “C is for Children

  1. Oh my. When I was VERY young, my mom sewed a couple matching mother/daughter dresses for us but that was the mid-1960s. I can’t imagine having done that in the ’90s with my daughter and CERTAINLY not when she was a teen. Tranquilizer darts indeed!

  2. Wow, I feel this great urge to go get matchy-matchy with my five-year old! Not really. Actually, we both have purple coats, and I want to hide every time someone says, “Oh, you guys have matching coats!” Well, technically, we don’t, but they’re similar. It’s okay, she’ll have grown out of hers next year and I can encourage her to pick a pink one (her favorite color, which was out of stock when we bought this one), but in the meantime, people comment on it ALL the time, because they apparently think it’s cute. I hate being cute. It is not my goal in life.

    Also, it would be fun if you would do your hair that way. Just sayin’…At least I’m not asking you to wear a cow costume!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

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