A is for ARGH!

There’s a challenge out there for bloggers to write a blog a day in April, one for each letter of the alphabet.

I thought it was a cool idea.

Of course, it started yesterday, so I’m already a day behind.

Why argh? That’s my favorite noise to make these days. Yesterday was no exception. About 7:14 a.m., Thing #1 announced that she needed to take salsa to school. Thing #2 had to go to the doctor (and possibly for x-rays) at the same time I had a long-waited eye appointment. My freelance invoice for March needed to be completed and turned in before the Dr’s appointment, and the drop-off spot was conveniently in the opposite direction.

Thing 2 (also referred to as Demon Child) fell on Sunday and twisted her ankle. It was still swollen and very painful on Monday, so Magnificent Husband rode to the rescue and took her to the doctor. And then to the x-ray place. And while she needs to keep her weight off it for a few days, nothing is broken.

At the eye exam, I had to face the inevitable. Bifocals, although I guess we call them progressive lenses now. My optometrist has been telling me I was going to need them any second now since I turned 40. Ha! During the eye exam, he did pause and ask me if I was punking him since it was April 1st. I assured him that no, it really was deteriorating short-range vision. I never noticed before what an evil laugh he has.

Then I had a lunchtime meeting that served two purposes: a review meal and writers conference work. It ran a little long, so next was the “Before 5 p.m. Gauntlet.”

Gauntlet included: getting Thing 2’s insurance card to the x-ray place (since I forgot to give said card to Magnificent Spouse that morning), going to the Dr’s office to get the note for middle school that would allow Thing 2 to use her crutches and not be expelled for … I don’t know, limping?…finding and purchasing said crutches, and picking up something for dinner.

I won. The dinner won’t be featured on the cover of a glossy magazine any time soon, but it was balanced (mostly) and filling.

Then there was a telephone meeting about conference scheduling while the Things were at their viola lessons.

After that, I didn’t sleep so much as fall into a coma for eight hours. Who knows what today will bring, besides another blog (two in one day!) on the letter B!



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4 responses to “A is for ARGH!

  1. Busy day! And, you still call them bifocals if you only have two lenses. Progressive are what I have, and there are three different prescriptions: reading on the bottom, computer in the middle and distance on top. If you got those, welcome to the club!

  2. Sue

    Beautiful! There’s your B.

  3. Woo-hoo! Did you already figure out what you’re blogging about each day or are you playing it by ear?

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