Resolutions: The Rest

Now that I’ve publicly declared by intentions to clear my To Be Read pile by at least 12 books, what else can I anticipate in the coming year?

I’d like to make a cooking resolution. To be less lazy and more adventurous. To try a few things I think sound too time-consuming or too complicated or just plain scary. I’m definitely going to tackle pie crust. Last time I made it successfully was in 1987-ish when I lived in NC, so I think pie crust’s time has come. In the last month, I’ve learned to supreme grapefruits, cooked and eaten grits, and used tarragon. Perhaps making my own goat cheese is next. Or my own butter. Things I am NOT going to attempt: growing my own herbs, anything to do with custard, and contemplating new eggplant recipes.

On the writing front, I’m going to write on a more regular, scheduled basis. Hey, I hear you snickering. Knock it off! Not only am I going to increase my output, I’m pledging to have a draft of Exit Clause finished before Conference in April.

Along similar lines, I’m either going to blog regularly or give it up. I will (figuratively, of course) shit or get off the pot. Nothing sucks more than finding a blog you like and discovering the author only posts once or twice a year. My starter goal is twice a month, working up to once a week by summer.

I will call my mother more often. She’s about to turn 82, so probably any amount I call her won’t be too much. She’s 2,000 miles away and doesn’t travel, so I need to pick up the phone just to say “Hi, Mom” more often. On the plus side, this allows me to passive-aggressively annoy her live-in boyfriend, who doesn’t like any of my mother’s relatives. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure he likes his own children. So I resolve not to repeat the rumors that he’s a free-loading, bad-mannered, ignorant blow hard, but I won’t protest if anyone else does.

Last but not least, I’m going to enter my lazy ass in a 5K this year. I don’t have much choice in this one. The Girl Scout troop is focusing on fitness this year, and they elected to do the 5K in support of breast cancer research. This is a hard one for me, because running is a highly solitary and reflective pursuit  that I don’t enjoy doing with other people.

I wish all my friends, family and blog readers a happy and productive 2012.

Now tell me what your resolutions are, if you’ve made any!

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  1. Re: Cooking – which means you should totally come to our next cooking party.

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