Still going to the Y on a regular basis. The step class is still kicking my butt. Although I did discover that other instructors aren’t so…rigorous. It just figures that the toughest teacher plays the best music.

Except for the new teacher in 20/20/20. She plays excellent music. And she incorporates kick boxing into one segment, which for some strange reason doesn’t frighten me as much as using that stupid plastic step.

But something is piquing my curiosity. What the hell are women bringing to the gym? I see women stowing bags above their lockers, wheeled luggage that’s larger than what I used for a four-day trip back East. It’s not boots and heavy coat weather (yet), so how many grooming products can one person need?

While we’re in the locker room, can we talk about the benches? One wooden bench sits between two sets of lockers. Twenty lockers, one bench. So why do people think they can set their grooming implements on one end, their luggage on the other end, and plant themselves in the middle? I just want to balance against something while I take my shoes off–is that so wrong? Or I want to shuck my sweaty clothes so I can take a shower. I’d like to do that without sticking my sweaty butt in anyone’s personal space, but when someone is taking up 9/10 of the allotted space, it’s difficult.

And blow drying woman: what the hell are you drying? First of all, the dryer goes on, off. On, off. On, off. On, off. For about 10 minutes. Dry one hair at a time, maybe? And I don’t know what part of her hair she’s trying to dry, because mostly what she’s hitting is my sweaty backside. Which really needs a dose of hot air, thank you very much.

To the gray-haired woman dry-shaving her legs on the bench between the lockers: nobody wants to have nasty bits of your leg hair stuck to them. Do that in the shower or at home, thank you.

The Y I usually visit has only 3 showers with curtains, the rest are in an open shower room. People, if you’re just getting wet before you get in the pool, and you’re wearing a bathing suit, swimming cap, swim shoes and glasses, you do NOT need one of the showers with a curtain. Leave it for that lady that needs to shave her legs!


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  1. Oh my, now I HAVE to know what is in the luggage. And…um, you need to tape a copy of this blog to the wall (with your name cut out) so shaving lady catches a clue. Ick.

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