More Frenzy

Apparently last weekend’s frenetic spate of cleaning didn’t get everything out of my system.

I walked into the kitchen today, thinking I needed to sweep and mop. Next thing you know, the decorative copper molds that I inherited from my grandmother were off the walls and being washed. And refrigerator magnets. Did you know how much dust those little things can collect? And do you know how bad the fridge looks once you take off all the magnets to dust them?

Sure, I’m having some friends over to play Bunko on Sunday, but that doesn’t usually incite a riot of cleaning. Some people apologize if their house isn’t clean. I’m more likely to say “if it’s not clean enough, there are Clorox wipes under sink. knock yourself out.”

And I still haven’t mopped yet. If you come by my house tomorrow afternoon and see me with a can of cleanser in one hand and a toothbrush in the other, please knock me down and administer something alcoholic immediately.

Because yes, the bathtub grout CAN be too clean.



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4 responses to “More Frenzy

  1. gr

    What are you avoiding?

  2. Nancy

    Has mom taken over your body???? It is getting close to Halloween and strange things do happen then……

  3. Jodi Lea

    I think we may be related somehow 😉

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