Fall Frenzy

What is wrong with me?

It’s not spring. I’m not getting ready to go into labor. I’m generally happy with my messy piles of books, magazines and clipped out recipes all over the house. So why the heck am I spending this beautiful day cleaning?

Not just “sweep around the furniture and be done with it” cleaning. Hauling everything off the floor to ceiling bookshelf, sorting, dusting, getting rid of, making neat, deleting cobwebs. Bought a new scrubby sponge for the sink. Moving furniture and dusting the backs and cleaning beneath. Buying a new can of Pledge. I can’t remember the last time I exhausted a can of Pledge. I think I used to just throw out the old one every time I moved, and the scary thing is that I’ve been in this house for 15 years.

I tell you, I’m on the verge of ripping down the living room curtains and installing new ones. But that would require a Trip Out, and I’m not dressed for Out. I’m not dressed for cleaning a dusty house, either. I need a pair of gray sweatpants, because the black ones I’m wearing look, from the knees down, like I went ten rounds with a pack of rabid dust bunnies and lost.

But here’s the most telling symptom of my insanity. I forgot to eat lunch! As anyone who knows me can tell you, I don’t forget to eat. In fact, I often remember to eat too often. So when I heard my stomach rumble my first thought was distant thunder. Then I looked at the clock. My, how times flies when you’re getting rid of crap that you can’t understand how you accumulated in the first place.

On top of this total frenzy over the main level of the house, I have threatened/promised (depends on your point of view) to rearrange youngest daughter’s bedroom furniture today.

I don’t think my morning tea was hyper-caffeinated, but maybe I’d better go check. Or maybe I should have another cup. I’ll have to use the travel mug, though, to keep the damn dust bunnies out.



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5 responses to “Fall Frenzy

  1. Jodi Lea

    I SO related to your fall frenzy! Thank you for sharing my insanity 😉

  2. Sue

    Feel free to come to my house and ride that wave of cleaning. I’ll pay for your airline ticket.
    I think there are just “times”. Times for different types of activities. Today, I needed to have coffee with my sister, walk and gab. Today, you needed to dive into a cleaning attack. It’s almost hormonal.
    But forgetting to eat? Hmmm, that’s worrisome. Well, it would be for me. Like, if it happened to me, my husband would make THE doctor’s appointment.

  3. Brandi B.

    Awesome blog! I too can relate,that sort of energy spurt doesnt happen very often for me..hmmm maybe I should drink the same tea as you? 🙂 Be forewarned,after a blog like that Merry Maids might be knocking down your door to try and get you to sign on with them!! Hee Hee

  4. Kate

    Hilarious. What on earth got in to you??? By the way, when are you hosting a dinner party, since everything’s so scrubbed clean?

  5. Jennifer

    When you figure out what caused this desire to clean, could you please send it my way? My house is a wreck and I don’t really care, at least not enough to do something about it.

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