Writers Wonder

Writers wonder about a lot of odd things.

Can horses vomit?

How hard is it to turn around a jeep on a narrow dirt road?

What if jellyfish had teeth?

Can forgotten items in the back of the fridge develop sentience?

This morning, as my girls and I listened to morning radio blather, the DJs were talking about Oprah’s show yesterday. Seems like she’s giving her entire audience a week-long trip to Australia with her. And my first thought was, what if you went to the show with someone you couldn’t stand? Your mother-in-law, your boss’s spouse, your brother’s insane girlfriend, an obnoxious neighbor, that woman on the PTA who you’d like to strangle. So while you thought you could tolerate sitting through a taping of Oprah with this person (after all, it’s OPRAH), could you stand vacationing with them for a week? In a country on the opposite side of the world? With 300 other people you don’t know?

It could be like the world’s worst Girl Scout summer camp experience, only with grownups. And beer.

Personally, if anyone from the Oprah camp is reading this, I’ll go to Australia with you any time. Just saying.

Something else writers wonder about is our sanity. We work alone. We get a lot of rejections. We face a lot of misconceptions about what we do. Generally, if we’re having a bad day or we’re stuck, we can’t turn to the guy in the cubicle next to us and say “Hey, Sam, let’s go get a coffee.” Because there’s no cubicle and no Sam and no coffee that we don’t make ourselves.

Yesterday, though, I found a shining beacon to illuminate the dark night of my writing soul! It’s a book called “Rejection, Romance and Royalties: The Wacky World of a Working Writer” by Laura Resnick.

She talks about rejection. Persistence. Copy editors from hell. Good advice. Bad advice. Agents. Editors. Publishing houses that close right out from under you. Rejection…did I already say rejection?

The bottom line is, this book makes me feel less alone and less crazy. Well, a little less crazy. Ms. Resnick doesn’t know me, I don’t know her, but I’m going to buy a copy of this book and keep it on hand for those mornings when I look at the computer screen and wonder why the heck I’m doing this. For times when it can’t get any worse or can’t get any better.

In the meantime, I’ll stay off the phone just in case Oprah’s people call.



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4 responses to “Writers Wonder

  1. Sheila Wheltle

    Hey MB, Thank you for advising me only to go to a taping of OPRAH with someone I like–Wanna go?
    I, too, hear of her shows second hand. Perhaps I will have time to watch her after Molly heads off to college–but then it will be too late, both Oprah and Molly will be gone. My life is quite full at 4pm est. If I had an hour to relax, it would be with a glass of wine and a book. No rejection from me, I’m enjoying the blogs.

  2. Sue

    You know, MB, I hadn’t really thought about the loneliness of being a writer. As the newly unemployed, I do have to say that the camaraderie of coworkers can be the best part of a job. Can be. On the other hand, coworkers can drive you up a wall. There’s a book in there, LOL.
    Horses can’t vomit, sadly. I say sadly because if they could, they wouldn’t die of the intestinal disorders that they do, like colic. There’s a long anatomic explanation of why they can’t, but that’s boring to anyone other than me, who loves the gory medical details. And horses. From age 12 to now.
    I’m not working now, so I’m completely free for that Oprah trip. Just sayin’.

  3. EVERYONE seems to feel they’re less crazy then they thought after they encounter ME.


    Laura Resnick

    P.S. (Glad the book resonated with you!)

  4. Nancy

    First, I’m not a writer so I can’t address your writing comments. I can say that even people working with many other people feel alone. Glad you found a book that addresses this for you.

    The people in the audience of the Oprah show were picked by Oprah (or her staff). I’m sure that I wouldn’t want to go anywhere with Oprah. I use to watch but, in the early days she never gave her guests or experts a chance to answer any questions. She’d always pose the question in a way that no one could answer. I got so fed up I stopped watching. I will not miss her. I’m probably the only one.

    What kind of Jeep are you turning around? We own a Jeep and have no trouble turning it around on a dirt road. Remember where we live, there are many dirt roads.

    Oh, I have to look up sentience before I can answer that one…..

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