Burning Questions

How many meals in a row can you eat toast before you need some sort of intervention?

Let me qualify. I don’t mean when you’re sick, pregnant, have just given birth or recently had dental surgery. And I don’t mean something toasted sneaks into the meal, like a club sandwich on toast or some toast points under your foie gras.

I mean…it’s time to eat, you’ve poured a cuppa, and all you want is toast. Maybe even raisin bread, maybe white bread, maybe something crusty and fabulous. But toast. With butter. Maybe some jelly. No peanut butter.

How long can this go on before a friend is required to smack you in the back of the head and say “Eat a frigging banana?”

The other question is, what’s the longest amount of time you’ve left a load of laundry in the washer? The same load. That you’ve maybe washed more than once. It could have been that last load before you went on vacation, and you came home and lifted the lid and thought “this is where bad laundry goes when it dies.” Do you rewash it, or do you give up and just fold it, hints of mildew and all?

One final question. How long will pickled beets stay good in the fridge? And is there some way to detect inherent wrongness before actual fur grows? And what color fur dares to grow on a pickled beet?

In return for the questions, I have one answer. Yes, my mind goes strange places to avoid editing.



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3 responses to “Burning Questions

  1. Sue

    I’d say four meals top, five if it’s whole grain toast. Bread is the staff of life, you know.
    My husband is notorious for rewashing the same load over and over again. I’d say his highest rewash count is three. Surprisingly, he is sensitive to the whole mildew thing, so he does rewash.
    Pickled anything will last a long, long time. Pickling was invented (along with smoking) to preserve food without refrigeration. I’ve had olives last up to a year. But if they eventually go bad, it’s your oridinary green fuzziness that happens.
    My 3 cents worth.

  2. gr

    1. You can eat toast until you’re out of bread.
    2. I’ll smack you anytime you want. Just ask.
    3. I’ve only left a load in the washer for, maybe, a day or two. Stinky. Now, let me understand this. If you’ve had a load in the washer for a week or, say, two weeks that must mean you haven’t done any other laundry in that amount of time. I can’t even begin to imagine. Only my 6yo has even clothes to go that long without washing.
    4. I’ve never eaten a beet. I’m willing to wager that pickled beets will stay “good” in the fridge forever.

  3. shelli

    hmm, toast, maybe only 3 times in a row, with butter and raspberry jelly. The smacking part, anytime I can I will
    Laundry- I am sure that we may have had to rewash only a coupla times when we had a washing maching with no agitator that we “stirred” with a broom stick. Very early in the living together times.

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